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Dixie Tank Company


Since 1943, Dixie Tank Company has manufactured carbon and stainless steel tanks, ASME Code pressure vessels, water filters, and custom fabrications for the water, water treatment, hot water, and industrial markets.

Our ASME / AWS certified welders, techniques and our commitment to quality and on time delivery assure customer satisfaction. We believe that each new sale begins a long and satisfactory relationship.






Dixie Tank constantly evaluates ongoing continuous improvement to encourage overall manufacturing improvement opportunities as well as customer-specific application improvements. Our complete commitment to customer satisfaction, from conception and design to production and delivery, results in actively following the procedures called out in our Quality Manual and leads to a series of checks, balances and, if necessary, changes to ensure precision production.

Industries Served

  • Water storage

  • Water Treatment

  • Chemical

  • Agricultural

  • Industrial Gases

  • Petroleum

  • Air Purification

  • Sewage Treatment

  • Material Transfer

  • Power Generation

  • Pollution Control

  • Solvent and Heat Recovery



“The fit-up of the 12'-8" diameter x 120' tall Heat Stack in the field was the best I have ever seen.”

Bill Smith, Project Manager​ 

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